Glasnost21 allows you to manage your clients, engage with your prospects, nurture your leads and run your projects. Easy, cloud based collaboration with colleagues, partners, suppliers and clients. All your information at your fingertips; wherever you are.

Glasnost has saved me hours and hours of work. All my data is in one place.
It is very calming knowing what everyone involved with a project is up to.


Easy tracking of clients, contacts & leads

The CRM module allows you to keep track of all your contacts, add and assign tasks, monitor all activity relating to a company or individual and easily keep abreast of social media interactions.

A newsletter system provides a simple, professional means to market to your database.


Instant access to sales progress

As leads turn into prospects the Pipeline module makes it easy to nurture the sales process. With the ability to create custom form fields you can tailor the system to suit your way of working.

Reporting tools make it extremely easy to get an overview of your business.



All you need to get things done

The Projects module enables the entire team, colleagues, partners, suppliers and clients to work collaboratively in seeing a project through to completion. Never miss a thing.

All tasks, comments and documents are available as required to whoever needs them.

At last, I can see all our contacts, who has said what to whom, who needs to be followed up, and what people are saying and doing on social channels.

.... And More

Images, email and Notes

Glasnost21 includes a module where you can store, share and manage all your images. And throughout, most communications can be managed by email.

We even have a personal Notepad where you can record private information securely.

With all our new business prospects in Pipeline we can see immediately how the business is doing, and who needs to do more.

NO I.T. DEPARTMENT NEEDED: Glasnost21 runs through your browser. IE, Firefox, Chrome or Safari; that, and an internet connection is all you need. So you workplace is wherever you are. 

EU DATA CENTRES: Whenever using Cloud services you need to know where your data is being stored. All Glasnost21 servers are based in the EU. It is not wise for EU companies to have their data stored in the US. Don't get caught out.

BREAK OUT OF THE NETWORK:  When you're working on a project you want the whole team to work together. And that means colleagues, partners, suppliers and clients. Glasnost21 makes it easy to run a single project with multiple users from outside of your company with ease safe in the knowledge that each user only sees what they are meant to see.