Some New Features

We've been working away on some new features following requests from users. In Contact Management there is now a 'Bulk Import Contact' feature which speeds up the process of adding multiple new entries into Glasnost. We provide a sample csv file which shows you the 'best' format to use during the import process, though you can also map your fields to the ones in Glasnost.

Further improvements to Contact Management include:

a) The facility to download to spreadsheet Company and Contacts details should you wish.

b) The facility to search for Contacts across multiple offices of the same Company.  So for instance if you wish to find all your contacts at ABC Ltd, whether they are in the London, Frankfurt or Madrid office you can now do so. And of course then download the results to spreadsheet.

c) In Project Management you can now download to spreadsheet the results of a Task Search. This is handy for such things as toting up the time spent on Tasks, or grouping Tasks by type.

d) We've added 'Reset' buttons to all Glasnost searches to make it easier to redefine search criteria.

PLUS we've now incorporated our new HELP system, which you will find in the top navigation bar of Glasnost to the right of Contact Us. This covers a multitude of FAQ's and provides extensive 'How do I' advice. We make big use of videos so please do consult this area for clear guidance on making the most of Glasnost. If you would like us to provide additional video guides please let us know.

We hope you find these new features helpful.