IE6 - Not an issue here !

As many people know the dreaded browser Internet Explorer 6 is still used by 20% or so of Internet users. Admittedly this is more in a corporate environment than amongst home users, but nevertheless it is, to the developer community, an astonishing figure. Eight years old it is has not only been superceded by IE7 but more recently by IE8. It only ever was an OK browser and it's replacements are dramatically better. IE6 is full of security holes, does not have tabbed windows (how do you live without that) and is very slow. Both the latter IE's are better, as is Safari and, our choice, Firefox.

Why isn't it dead ? The answer involves apathy, ignorance and inertia - not to mention the arrogance of the large corporation. However, at Glasnost we decided before we started development that, much as we may be baffled by how anyone could believe sticking with IE was a good idea, we knew many would, and many of those would be in a position to force many, many other users to follow suit (spot the large IT department). So we built Glasnost using Adobe's RIA software, Flex. This is, in essence, dynamically controlled, database driven Flash. And because of that, so long as you have Flash Version 9 or later (and almost everyone does), it does not matter which browser you use. You will still be able to enjoy all the latest bells and whistles that we've built into Glasnost to make the user experience as rich as possible.

So, if you are using IE6 and are allowed to update it, we think it would be to your own advantage, but if not: