Glasnost reporting options

Glasnost provides various reporting options. Contact Management You can perform a contact or company search (simple keyword, by tag or using the advanced option) and then when the pop up results are shown you can click on 'Export to Excel'.

You can create task reports. To do this click on search tasks in the left hand menu and then choose your search criteria. You can search by task added date, task end date, the company related to the task, who the task was assigned to, and the task status. Click on search and then when the results show look at the bottom of the results pane. Here you will be given the option to 'Export to Excel' or 'Create Task Report from These Results'.

If you opted to create a task report you can then click on task reports in the left hand menu, and then edit the report, email a pdf of the results to another system user (or yourself of course).

You can also click on history to view a pdf of previously created reports. In this way you can create a task report once, and then re-run it as you wish. Handy for sales meetings where you may wish to distribute a task report prior to a meeting.

Project Management You can perform task searches in the same way as in contact management. In this case tasks can be searched by task added date, task end date, free text across the title and description fields, by task ID, by selecting one or more projects to search, who the tasks are assigned to and the task status.

Again, you can export to excel the results or create a task report. And again by clicking on task reports you can edit. email or view a history of previously sent tasks.

RSS Feed You can set up your own personal RSS feed of project data. If you do this (by clicking on the option in the left hand menu) your RSS feed will include all additions or updates, made by any project participant, across all the projects you are linked to.

Email Not reports as such but if you are linked to a project every time anyone adds or edits anything to do with a project, Glasnost will email you the information.

We thought carefully about the reporting options in Glasnost and hope we have covered the 'essentials'. If there are other options you would like to see please let us know. We will always endeavour to match your requirements.

Antony Slumbers