Glasnost 21 introduces Twitter integration

We are pleased to announce that Glasnost 21's Contact Management module now integrates, in real time, with Twitter. This allows you to supplement your own data with up to the moment data pulled in from Twitter.

How does it work?


When you add or edit a new Company in the Contact Management module you can update the 'Corporate Twitter ID' field in the form. Then, when you go to the details page of that Company, you will see, in the right hand 'Feeds' pane, the Twitter logo. Upon loading this will perform a live search of the Twitter database to see if that Company has published any Tweets. If it has there will be a 'Tick' icon next to the logo.

Click on the logo and Glasnost will now search for any Tweets from the Corporate ID AND also perform a 'Like' search using the name of the Company. The latest Company Tweet will be displayed at the top with an option to 'View All'. Below will be the results of the 'Like' search. Click on any of these items and a pop up window will be launched providing all the relevant information plus a link through to the Tweet itself on

Glasnost also provides a search box that enables you to perform a live Twitter search for any term.

With Twitter use becoming so pervasive across the Internet, this functionality allows you to keep informed and up to date not only with messages being put out by the companies you deal with, but also with thoughts, comments and opinions that other people have about them. Potentially crucial information that can give you a real edge.

We hope you enjoy using our Twitter integration and please do contact us if you need any assistance or would like further information about Glasnost 21.