Glasnost 21 adds support for vCards

Starting today, Glasnost users can update all their colleagues to new additions or edits they make in the Contact Management module, by automatically sending multiple vCards by email. To explain the benefits of this, here is the process one of our clients uses to manage their contacts amongst a dispersed team.

This Management Consultant has a team of people spread around the UK and Europe. Prior to using Glasnost they all shared one copy of Outlook to keep track of contacts. On moving to Glasnost they uploaded all their contacts using the bulk contact upload facility in System Admin. That gave everyone access to the latest information. So, when online, all the team had everything they needed.

The only issue then was how to make it easy for everyone to import new contacts into whatever mobile phone they used.

And that is where vCards come in.

Now when you view a contacts full details page you will see a link saying 'Send vCard to..' Click on this and you will get a pop up listing all your colleagues on Glasnost. Simply select who you want to email and click OK.

Every user you selected will then receive a branded email saying that they have been sent details of XYZ in vCard format. From there it's easy to process this information into their mobile address book.

Simple, efficient and very useful.

Hope you like it