Glasnost 21 integrates with 3rd party data feeds

Following the integration with Twitter, Glasnost21 has today launched the availability of two 3rd party datasets, directly linked into the Contact Management module.

cityoffices feed

High value subscription services covering the commercial property market, and Metropolis data can now be accessed on the same screen as company data. So, for example, if you are on the details page for leading consultants Knight Frank you will see, as well as feeds from Twitter, any stories relating to Knight Frank from these two 3rd party sources. And you can also free text search across both these services, regardless of the company you are currently dealing with.

A 'Pin Story for Later' feature also allows you to tag stories as noteworthy and store them separately for easy access, or to highlight to colleagues.

For subscribers these services represent an immensely powerful way to incorporate high quality research into your working environment. Rather than going off to another website to access information, that very same information is piped straight into the system you are working on.

Open and transparent access to the information you need.....the Glasnost way.