Add / Edit / View Comments - handy new feature

At Glasnost we always aim to avoid 'bloatware'. Adding endless functionality can seriously damage the user experience. We've aimed from inception to avoid the problems so many of us have experienced with products from .... sssh you know who ! But we do respond to our users, and several have said that whilst they appreciate the ease with which comments can be added, either on their own or attached to tasks, sometimes one simply wants to write a bit more than a quick note. And when you want to say a bit more you need a bit more space to do so.

So our small but perfectly formed comment boxes are sometimes just a bit too dainty.

Which is why we've now added a neat little tab in the bottom right of the pop ups that allow you to resize the window to fit your requirement. Either writing a comment, replying to one, or simply viewing a comment is now just that little bit more accommodating.

A small thing - but we hope you find it handy.