Glasnost 21 integrates with Google News and Google Blogs

Following the integration of real time Twitter search into Glasnost's Contact Management Module, and the further availability of direct linkage to 3rd party data feeds, we are pleased to announce that we've added real time search results from Google News and Google Blogs. So now, as an example, if you have Microsoft as a contact company in your system you will see a feeds panel that looks something like this:

Data Feeds

This shows that Glasnost is pulling back data from all these services relating to Microsoft. Click on one of them gets you to a screen like this:

Data Feeds

Which enables you to view the full story, move back and forward to further stories from the same feed, or switch quickly to data from another feed.

All of which builds up a fully rounded overview of your customer. What they are saying, and what others are saying about them.

Our aim is to help you be as well informed as it is absolutely possible to be. Linking all the knowledge within your own organisation with the best from outside is a big step in fulfilling this objective.

We hope you find it useful.