Glasnost 21 and Virtual Assistants - The perfect match ?

If you are a Virtual Assistant then Glasnost has a lot to offer you and could really turbo charge your productivity. For a start the whole service is available online, so wherever you or your colleagues, clients or suppliers are, everyone can access the same information.

Also the service was specifically designed for working with people outside of your own company or network. Our subscription plans are based on external users who can access projects and image galleries and internal users who also get the CRM / contact management module.

And the functionality we've built into the service covers much of what one needs to do on a day to day basis. We originally built this software to help us run our own web software business and we think the things we required are pretty commonplace amongst 'knowledge workers'. Below is what we needed and what we built into Glasnost. If your requirements are similar it WILL work brilliantly for you as well.

We needed:

Contact Management to: 1. Manage many companies details 2. Manage and interact with many contacts 3. Track all comments, assign tasks and store documents relating to the above 4. Create Task reports for sales meetings 5. Be able to create good looking email newsletters 6. Be able to send these newsletters to unlimited custom mailing lists 7. Link companies to relevant projects 8. Distribute contact details by vCards 9. Keep abreast of what our clients were doing by enabling real-time searching across Twitter, Google News and Google Blogs.

Project Management to: 1. Create unlimited projects and link users to them 2. Track and share comments 3. Track and share tasks 4. Track and share documents 5. Have advanced search facilities across tasks and documents 6. Have good quality reporting on project activity 7. Keep everyone updated by email whenever any activity occurs 8. Have all the above outputted to bespoke RSS feeds 9. Link projects to companies and image galleries

Image Management to: 1. Store and share any number of image galleries for marketing, presentations, websites etc 2. Add comments to images 3. View metadata and licensing information of images 4. Batch upload and edit images 5. Create custom lightboxes 6. View as slideshows 7. Link galleries to projects and companies

Instant Messaging to: Text chat and share documents in real time with a fellow user

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: 1. Be able to view and keep track of all the above really easily 2. Do it all with a system which is attractive and a pleasure to use. 3. Be able to easily collaborate on all of this with our colleagues, clients and suppliers

Please take a free trial of Glasnost and let us know how you get on.