Glasnost and Powwownow

As well as making full use of Skype we are also great fans of Powwownow. This service allows you to easily set up landline conference phone calls. And the real beauty is that it costs you no more than making a normal call. Using the free version you first give Powwownow your email address and they send you a telephone number and a pin code. Distribute these details to whoever you want to conference with, and ask them to phone the number and follow the instructions. It's really so easy and efficient.

There are paid for versions which offer other features that may or may not be of use to you but we just use the standard version.

Typically what we do is:

1. Start a Skype Conference Call 2. Enable screen sharing 3. Dial in to Powwownow 4. Get on with business !

Working this way, Skype provides free screen sharing and powwownow ensures high quality phone calls.

Combine both of these with Glasnost and you've pretty well got all you need to operate anytime, anywhere and with whoever you like.

And of course if you want to see each other then simply turn on video mode in Skype.

Glasnost, Skype and Powwownow - what more do you need?