Create Calendar bookings straight from Project Tasks

Following user requests we've added a really useful new feature that allows you to add an iCal notification to a project task. When you add a task you have the option of attaching an iCal file to the email that Glasnost sends out to all those assigned to the task. With this all the recipients can easily add the task date details into their calendars, pretty much irrespective of what software they use. By doing this you can make better use of the tasks feature as it now makes sense to add meetings, appointments or reminders into Glasnost. Or indeed, you can block out a team members diary for a set time to work on a particular task.

To make use of this, just add a start and end date and time to a project task, check the new box 'Send to Calendar' and that's it. The recipient will receive an email with a .ics file attached. They click on this and add to the calendar of their choice.

Easy to use and very useful. Hope you like it.