Public sharing of project documents

Occasionally you may want to share a set of documents with people who are not set up as Glasnost users. For example, you may have a set of technical or product documents you wish to share with a mixed range of customers or suppliers. You could make them all Glasnost users and give them access to a Project, but that could take a while and you may not want a project participant to know who all the other people are that you are sharing documents with. So we are now activating Public Projects. These are easily set up and shareable as HTML libraries, so viewable through any browser, whether via PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Here's how:

First of all if a project has been publicly shared you will see a little swoosh (thanks Nike) icon next to it in the projects list.

Public document Sharing

Navigate to a project and you will see the option to 'Make Project Public'. Click on this.

and you see the options below

If you want to password protect the page add your password here

Public document Sharing 5

Once done click on 'Copy Sharing URL' - this will give you a link you can then send on to whoever you wish. If they then paste that URL into their browser they will see your documents laid out as below. If there was a password they would have had to enter this on a previous page.

Simple eh? And the page is responsive so it reformats if you view it on a mobile device.

We hope you find these publicly shareable projects useful. If you need any help setting them up just get in touch.