Glasnost21: Pipeline updates

Search by related company

Up till now you have been able to perform a search against your Pipeline Prospects by a particular related contact, but not by related company.

As of today you can search for all prospects that relate to a specific company.

Adding the relevant company

We have added a predictive search to the 'Relevant Company' field when you add a new prospect. Once you have entered two characters all matches from the companies you have added to the Contacts module will be returned for you to select from.

This should make the data entry quicker and also more structured - which will help when you need to search for all prospects that relate to a particular company.


Some formatting issues

After performing a search and displaying data in list format the value is now outputted in a more readable format - with appropriate commas and no trailing digits.

Also when you download to spreadsheet the column headers now have spaces between words.

A couple of small things, but worthwhile improving.