Increased security for working with external users

We've found that our users are increasingly choosing to run projects with multiple external partners. To ensure they can do this but not risk any leakage of information between parties unless intentional we have added the following functional changes.

With these in place we are confident you can work with as many external parties as you wish, secure in the knowledge they'll only see what you want them to see.

So now an External user:

Cannot see any Comments or Tasks apart from those that have been specifically linked to them

They can add a comment or task but can only distribute this to Internal users. If another external user is linked to the project they cannot be contacted by an external user.

Can only see documents that have either been uploaded to all or specifically linked to them.

Can only delete documents they have uploaded

Can only move documents to another project they are linked to if they uploaded that document.

Can only distribute a document they are uploading to internal users. An external user cannot distribute to another external user.

Internal users have the same restrictions on adding or editing documents

Internal Admin and System Admins can distribute Comments, Tasks and Documents to anyone.

A document can only have its distribution list edited by the person who uploads that document (apart from system admins).

Effectively external users have been put in a silo. So you could work with multiple external users on the same project but each of them would know nothing about the other; unless through the wishes of an internal admin user.

Someone set up as an internal user can fully participate in a project but can only distribute documents to other internal users. So they cannot unwittingly distribute a document to an external party who should not see it.

Internal admin users now have complete control over who sees what.

Please let us now how you get on with these changes.