Project Management

Bulk move contacts tasks end date

People use Glasnost in many ways but for a lot of users the No1 thing they do is add tasks in Contacts to prompt interactions with their clients or prospects. So a typical day involves: 1. Open Contacts 2. Search tasks to bring back those with an end date of 'Today' 3. Work through these tasks 4. At end of the day move those unfinished tasks to tomorrow.

Now point 4 can often take quite a while. You might well have twenty or more tasks that you've not managed to complete but need to do asap. i.e tomorrow. So you have to individually edit the end date for each of these tasks.

No longer.

Now you just need to click on the new icon in the tasks header bar, as below:

Tasks header bar
Tasks header bar

This will launch a popup that allows you to either accept the suggested new end date (which will be tomorrow, except for Fridays where it will be for the following Monday) or pick a new end date. As below:

New task end date picker
New task end date picker

And there you have it. All your unfinished tasks today will be moved to your chosen new end date.

We know for some of you this will save you a lot of time.

Here to help:)

Shared Projects - AND Galleries

Shared image galleries
Shared image galleries

We have now added the ability to share image galleries and project documents together. If you share a project that has image galleries linked to it these will now be available to view as well.

As these galleries make viewing images very easy, and are mobile friendly, we think this opens up a range of new opportunities. For example, one client is now linking to these documents/galleries from their website. So they can manage all the data from within Glasnost but make it selectively available via their public presence.

We'd be interested to hear how you use this.

Manage Glasnost projects via your email

When you add a task or comment to a Glasnost project all relevant participants are emailed the details. However up till now if you wanted to respond to this email you had to log in to your Glasnost, on desktop or via the iOS App. This is a thing of the past. All you now need to do is hit reply from your email software, type your message, add an attachment if you wish, then send.

Glasnost now picks up that email, transfers the details automatically in to the right project and then forwards on the message to all the relevant participants.

So you still benefit from keeping all your information neatly packaged in one place, but can take advantage of the speed of just replying to your email.

We think this could save many of you a lot of time. Hope you enjoy using it.

Let us know how you get on.

Superfast Project Search

We've added a superfast way to find a project. You will see that there is now a 'Search Projects' text box on the Projects homepage: Search Projects

This is a predictive search, so just start typing and the list of projects will automatically adjust to your search term. So it is really fast to find the project you are after, even if you have hundreds of them.

Search Projects

IMPORTANT NOTE: VIRTUAL FILE DIRECTORY If you wish to group your projects then this search is very helpful. Say you are doing a range of work for BMW and you have projects with them in 20 different locations. If you just name each project in the same manner then you can create a virtual file directory containing all your grouped projects. So BMW - London, BMW - Brighton, BMW - Leicester etc etc.

Then just search for BMW and all the related projects will show immediately.

Simple but powerful.

Public sharing of project documents

Occasionally you may want to share a set of documents with people who are not set up as Glasnost users. For example, you may have a set of technical or product documents you wish to share with a mixed range of customers or suppliers. You could make them all Glasnost users and give them access to a Project, but that could take a while and you may not want a project participant to know who all the other people are that you are sharing documents with. So we are now activating Public Projects. These are easily set up and shareable as HTML libraries, so viewable through any browser, whether via PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Here's how:

First of all if a project has been publicly shared you will see a little swoosh (thanks Nike) icon next to it in the projects list.

Public document Sharing

Navigate to a project and you will see the option to 'Make Project Public'. Click on this.

and you see the options below

If you want to password protect the page add your password here

Public document Sharing 5

Once done click on 'Copy Sharing URL' - this will give you a link you can then send on to whoever you wish. If they then paste that URL into their browser they will see your documents laid out as below. If there was a password they would have had to enter this on a previous page.

Simple eh? And the page is responsive so it reformats if you view it on a mobile device.

We hope you find these publicly shareable projects useful. If you need any help setting them up just get in touch.


The Glasnost21 iPhone App is now available

We are delighted to announce that Version 1 of the Glasnost21 iPhone App is now available for free in the Apple AppStore. The Glasnost21 iPhone App provides a tightly focused subset of features to subscribers of the web-based system, concentrating on contacts data, and tailored to the requirements of Glasnost21 users on the move.

The App requires a subscription to the web-based Glasnost21 system, but you can of course try it out in conjunction with our free 30 trial offer.

Get it on the iTunes App Store!

Glasnost iPhone App

Create Calendar bookings straight from Project Tasks

Following user requests we've added a really useful new feature that allows you to add an iCal notification to a project task. When you add a task you have the option of attaching an iCal file to the email that Glasnost sends out to all those assigned to the task. With this all the recipients can easily add the task date details into their calendars, pretty much irrespective of what software they use. By doing this you can make better use of the tasks feature as it now makes sense to add meetings, appointments or reminders into Glasnost. Or indeed, you can block out a team members diary for a set time to work on a particular task.

To make use of this, just add a start and end date and time to a project task, check the new box 'Send to Calendar' and that's it. The recipient will receive an email with a .ics file attached. They click on this and add to the calendar of their choice.

Easy to use and very useful. Hope you like it.