Shared Projects - AND Galleries

Shared image galleries
Shared image galleries

We have now added the ability to share image galleries and project documents together. If you share a project that has image galleries linked to it these will now be available to view as well.

As these galleries make viewing images very easy, and are mobile friendly, we think this opens up a range of new opportunities. For example, one client is now linking to these documents/galleries from their website. So they can manage all the data from within Glasnost but make it selectively available via their public presence.

We'd be interested to hear how you use this.

Sharing Image Galleries outside of Glasnost

Having all your images in a gallery on Glasnost is really useful for many people. But sometimes you want to share a gallery with people who are not Glasnost users. Well, now you can.

If you go to the images module and hover your mouse over a gallery thumbnail you'll now see an option to 'Share'. Click on this and it allows you to share a gallery with multiple users just by adding their email addresses. Then you can send a message, define how long you wish the gallery to be shareable, whether you'd like people to be able to download the original images and whether you wish to password protect the images.

Once done, your colleagues will get a personalised email with instructions on how to access the gallery, in HTML format, via a web browser.

A gallery that is shared will be indicated by a small swoosh icon. Click on this to review the sharing criteria or to make a copy of the gallery URL.

As the shared galleries are HTML based they will work in any browser, including smartphones.

We hope you like this new feature.