Linked Pipeline Prospects

We were asked if we could add the ability, from within Contacts, to see any Pipeline Prospects that a company or contact are or have been involved with.

Now you can. On the company homepage you will see all prospects that are linked to anyone in the company. On the contact homepage just the ones relevant to that individual.

Available only to people with Pipeline access you can get to the information by clicking on the link in the right hand panel. As below.

Increased security for working with external users

We've found that our users are increasingly choosing to run projects with multiple external partners. To ensure they can do this but not risk any leakage of information between parties unless intentional we have added the following functional changes.

With these in place we are confident you can work with as many external parties as you wish, secure in the knowledge they'll only see what you want them to see.

So now an External user:

Cannot see any Comments or Tasks apart from those that have been specifically linked to them

They can add a comment or task but can only distribute this to Internal users. If another external user is linked to the project they cannot be contacted by an external user.

Can only see documents that have either been uploaded to all or specifically linked to them.

Can only delete documents they have uploaded

Can only move documents to another project they are linked to if they uploaded that document.

Can only distribute a document they are uploading to internal users. An external user cannot distribute to another external user.

Internal users have the same restrictions on adding or editing documents

Internal Admin and System Admins can distribute Comments, Tasks and Documents to anyone.

A document can only have its distribution list edited by the person who uploads that document (apart from system admins).

Effectively external users have been put in a silo. So you could work with multiple external users on the same project but each of them would know nothing about the other; unless through the wishes of an internal admin user.

Someone set up as an internal user can fully participate in a project but can only distribute documents to other internal users. So they cannot unwittingly distribute a document to an external party who should not see it.

Internal admin users now have complete control over who sees what.

Please let us now how you get on with these changes.

Shared Projects - added security

Share projects
Share projects

When you set up a Project to be shared via a browser with third parties you now have the option to restrict access by email address. This is an alternate to simply adding a password, or leaving open to all.

Now when users click on the link you send them they will have to enter their email address. On submission the system will check whether they have been set up as a Glasnost user AND if they have been linked to the project in question. If so it will let them in.

The advantage of this is that when they download documents this will be recorded and be available for you to view within the Projects module.

So you can restrict access to sensitive documents without having to bother users with a password, and keep track of who has viewed what.

Move documents between projects

Sometimes you need to move documents from one project to another. Previously you would have to have downloaded the document and then uploaded it, or them, to the new project destination.

Not any more.

Now you can just go to the edit screen and there you'll find a new dropdown showing all the projects you are linked to. Simply select where you want to move the document to.

And there is more. Glasnost21 will automatically move all versions of the document in one go. So you do not need to move them all one by one.

And, if you go to view all documents you can select multiple documents and batch move them as well.


We think this will save some of you a lot of time. And might be useful occasionally to everyone.

Email contacts direct from Glasnost

Historically you've been able to add comments about any contact in your Glasnost. What you've not been able to do though is email them directly from within Glasnost. So you would have to go to your email software and send a message from there. If it was something you wished to make note of in Glasnost you would need to copy/paste the message over. But now you can do that from within Glasnost.

Next time you want to send a contact an email use the usual comment pop up. You will see two new additions to this form. An option to send an email and add a document. As below:

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 11.26.35 AM
Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 11.26.35 AM

Then if you want to add a document the form changes to this:

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 11.25.08 AM
Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 11.25.08 AM

Now if you submit this form the information will be stored in Glasnost (including a link to the document you attached) but also sent as a neatly formatted email to the contact in question.

So your contact receives a nice email, and you have a permanent record, in the place you need it most, of the correspondence.

And if your contact replies to the email you will receive this message and it will be automatically added into Glasnost.

Hopefully this will help you keep everything you need together whilst still allowing you to contact people by email.

Bulk move contacts tasks end date

People use Glasnost in many ways but for a lot of users the No1 thing they do is add tasks in Contacts to prompt interactions with their clients or prospects. So a typical day involves: 1. Open Contacts 2. Search tasks to bring back those with an end date of 'Today' 3. Work through these tasks 4. At end of the day move those unfinished tasks to tomorrow.

Now point 4 can often take quite a while. You might well have twenty or more tasks that you've not managed to complete but need to do asap. i.e tomorrow. So you have to individually edit the end date for each of these tasks.

No longer.

Now you just need to click on the new icon in the tasks header bar, as below:

Tasks header bar
Tasks header bar

This will launch a popup that allows you to either accept the suggested new end date (which will be tomorrow, except for Fridays where it will be for the following Monday) or pick a new end date. As below:

New task end date picker
New task end date picker

And there you have it. All your unfinished tasks today will be moved to your chosen new end date.

We know for some of you this will save you a lot of time.

Here to help:)

Shared Projects - AND Galleries

Shared image galleries
Shared image galleries

We have now added the ability to share image galleries and project documents together. If you share a project that has image galleries linked to it these will now be available to view as well.

As these galleries make viewing images very easy, and are mobile friendly, we think this opens up a range of new opportunities. For example, one client is now linking to these documents/galleries from their website. So they can manage all the data from within Glasnost but make it selectively available via their public presence.

We'd be interested to hear how you use this.

Send vCards to ANY users

We have just added the ability to send vCards of any contacts details to external users of Glasnost. Previously you could only send these to internal users. This follows a client request as they manage leads on behalf of their product dealers who did not have access to the Contacts module but nevertheless needed details of certain contacts.

Send vCards

Glad to oblige.

Manage Glasnost projects via your email

When you add a task or comment to a Glasnost project all relevant participants are emailed the details. However up till now if you wanted to respond to this email you had to log in to your Glasnost, on desktop or via the iOS App. This is a thing of the past. All you now need to do is hit reply from your email software, type your message, add an attachment if you wish, then send.

Glasnost now picks up that email, transfers the details automatically in to the right project and then forwards on the message to all the relevant participants.

So you still benefit from keeping all your information neatly packaged in one place, but can take advantage of the speed of just replying to your email.

We think this could save many of you a lot of time. Hope you enjoy using it.

Let us know how you get on.

iPhone App Version 3.0

We're delighted to say Version 3 of the Glasnost iPhone App is now available for free download. iPhone Version 3

Key new features:

1. Redesigned to suit iOS 7 2. Images all reworked for 'Retina' display 3. Resized to suit iPhone 5 - and looks great at x2 on iPad 4. Ability to add new contacts via app 5. Ability to download images from app 6. Ability to upload images directly from app to Glasnost

We think it looks great and these new features are really useful.

Hope you agree.

Superfast Project Search

We've added a superfast way to find a project. You will see that there is now a 'Search Projects' text box on the Projects homepage: Search Projects

This is a predictive search, so just start typing and the list of projects will automatically adjust to your search term. So it is really fast to find the project you are after, even if you have hundreds of them.

Search Projects

IMPORTANT NOTE: VIRTUAL FILE DIRECTORY If you wish to group your projects then this search is very helpful. Say you are doing a range of work for BMW and you have projects with them in 20 different locations. If you just name each project in the same manner then you can create a virtual file directory containing all your grouped projects. So BMW - London, BMW - Brighton, BMW - Leicester etc etc.

Then just search for BMW and all the related projects will show immediately.

Simple but powerful.

Public sharing of project documents

Occasionally you may want to share a set of documents with people who are not set up as Glasnost users. For example, you may have a set of technical or product documents you wish to share with a mixed range of customers or suppliers. You could make them all Glasnost users and give them access to a Project, but that could take a while and you may not want a project participant to know who all the other people are that you are sharing documents with. So we are now activating Public Projects. These are easily set up and shareable as HTML libraries, so viewable through any browser, whether via PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Here's how:

First of all if a project has been publicly shared you will see a little swoosh (thanks Nike) icon next to it in the projects list.

Public document Sharing

Navigate to a project and you will see the option to 'Make Project Public'. Click on this.

and you see the options below

If you want to password protect the page add your password here

Public document Sharing 5

Once done click on 'Copy Sharing URL' - this will give you a link you can then send on to whoever you wish. If they then paste that URL into their browser they will see your documents laid out as below. If there was a password they would have had to enter this on a previous page.

Simple eh? And the page is responsive so it reformats if you view it on a mobile device.

We hope you find these publicly shareable projects useful. If you need any help setting them up just get in touch.


Quick links to Company and Contacts

Screenshot of Task PopUp A small change today but one we hope could save you a lot of time. When you add a new Task in the Contacts module it is related to the relevant company and contact. Previously these were displayed in static text only. As of today they are both now active links. Click on either one and it will take you straight through to that company or contacts full details screen.

Every little helps:)

Little tweak to contact search

We've made a small tweak to the contacts search on our iPhone App. Previously the freetext search only looked for contacts by name and ignored their company. However, we've been asked to enable users to see all their contacts for a specific company. So now if you enter a company name all your contacts for that company will be returned. A small change but rather useful we think.

Time to catch up

Another thing we've been asked for within the Contacts module is a way to see who has not been contacted over certain periods of time. So, for example who have we not talked to for a month or 2 or 3 or 6 etc. So to do this we've added the ability to enter a 'Last Contacted' date to a contacts record. Just pop up the edit window for one of your contacts and you'll now see the option below.

Last Contacted pop up

Then, to search your database do a normal contact search and then click on 'Advanced Search'. Here you will now see an option to choose for 'Last Contacted'. as below.

Last Contacted Search

That's all there is to it. Just remember to add the 'Last Contacted' information against your contacts and you'll have a powerful tool to help you keep on top of all your business.

OK - Tell me what to do today

By default Glasnost lists Tasks based on the latest ones that have been edited. In this way you can keep track of any updates made by any of your team. However, a number of users have asked for a way to have tasks listed based on their due date.

So.... here you go.

Looking at the image below if you click on the little magnifying glass in the top bar of tasks in the Contacts module you will see the pop up. This is where you can search for a task by ID or by performing a text lookup over the title and task description.

Just below this we have added three options for Due: Today, Future and Overdue.

Click on one of these and the relevant tasks will be returned.

So, just two clicks and you'll know exactly what to do today.

Tasks due

Sharing Image Galleries outside of Glasnost

Having all your images in a gallery on Glasnost is really useful for many people. But sometimes you want to share a gallery with people who are not Glasnost users. Well, now you can.

If you go to the images module and hover your mouse over a gallery thumbnail you'll now see an option to 'Share'. Click on this and it allows you to share a gallery with multiple users just by adding their email addresses. Then you can send a message, define how long you wish the gallery to be shareable, whether you'd like people to be able to download the original images and whether you wish to password protect the images.

Once done, your colleagues will get a personalised email with instructions on how to access the gallery, in HTML format, via a web browser.

A gallery that is shared will be indicated by a small swoosh icon. Click on this to review the sharing criteria or to make a copy of the gallery URL.

As the shared galleries are HTML based they will work in any browser, including smartphones.

We hope you like this new feature.

Sharing Documents outside of Glasnost

Sometimes you want to quickly share a document with someone who is not a user of your Glasnost system. Or perhaps a group of people. But you do not want to download the document and then send it on via email.

And sometimes you want to password protect the document.

Or make it available only for a certain amount of time.

Well, now that is all possible from within Glasnost.

Click on a document so it shows in spreadsheet view. You'll see a new button to the right of 'Delete' entitled 'Share'. Click on that and you'll see the pop up below.

Share Documents

In this pop up you can specify one or more emails of people you wish to share the document with. Add a message to go with it and decide how long you want it to be available for. Finally, you can add a password if you wish.

Your colleagues will then receive an email with all the details and a link to click on which will take them to a secure webpage to download the document.

Simple, elegant.... and very handy.