The Glasnost21 CRM module is designed to help sales teams better manage their interactions with clients and prospects. By allowing everyone to see all activity recorded against any company or contact it becomes easy to always remain in the loop and to ensure that everyone knows what they need to be doing.

And throughout there is integration with Google, Twitter and LinkedIn.


With Glasnost21 I know all my team are kept in the loop. We all know what we need to know.
Managing my callbacks and tasks is easy. Each day Glasnost21 tells me what I need to do.





Who said what, to whom

You can record comments against a company or an individual. Everyone sees all comments so teamwork is hard baked into the system. You can even email contacts direct from Glasnost21.

Once emailed, any replies automatically get added to the database. All of which is searchable.


To do's - sorted

You can add a Task to a company or an individual, assign it to one or more system users, add comments and documents as you wish and give it a start and end date.

All tasks are searchable and reports based on activity are simple to create and distribute.



Simple marketing & communication

Need to send out monthly newsletters, promotional emails, or Christmas e-cards? The newsletter tool allows you to create professional, branded content and distribute appropriately.

Saving a newsletter as a templates makes the repeat creation process fast and efficient.

Search & Reports

Track & find the important things

When you send out newsletters you can track how many were sent and how many were opened. And download a spreadsheet with the details. All comments & documents are searchable.

You can search tasks based on relevant dates, companies and system user. And report on all.