The Glasnost21 Images module allows you to create as many galleries as you like. As a central repository of images for use across your business, Images helps you keep your assets under control.

We store all our images here; for presentations, design work, brochures etc. Now everyone can work with approved assets.
We share designs with clients a lot; the sharing options in Glasnost21 make that very easy.





However many you need

You can create as many galleries as you need, define exactly who has access to them and upload images to them one by one or in bulk.


Never at a loss

Search images by gallery, title, description, whether rights managed or not, and by tags.

Add to Lightrooms and enter comments.



In many ways

You can create galleries for sharing with people who are not Glasnost21 users. Or for use on your website.

Glasnost21 has a very elegant method of viewing images in your galleries, either one by one or as part of a slideshow.

Link, tag, manage

Tools for control

You can link galleries to specific projects or companies, use any number of tags to classify images and attach rights management information.

All exif information is captured, as is a viewing history for each image.