As leads turn into Prospects the time comes to move them to the Glasnost21 Pipeline module. With this you can work according to the workflow that you are used to. And track all the information you need to via our custom fields. Once in, you can nurture the process through to completion. And at all times you can see exactly how much business you have in the pipeline.

Pipeline lets me keep track of our new business prospects, see what I need to do next and push things on.
In just a few clicks I can see exactly how our business is progressing.




As you like it

Workflow and custom fields

When you set up Pipeline you define the workflow your prospects normally go through and any custom fields of information you need to capture.


My prospects and to-do's

From the Pipeline dashboard you can see all the prospects you are working on, and their status at a glance, plus your tasks and reminders for today, the future and those overdue.


Search & Forecast


Need to see what business you're likely to win in the next three months, or have won so far this financial year? Or the prospects each of your team are working on? Pipeline search makes all this easy.


How's business?

Easily export search results in meeting friendly PDF or Excel format.