The Glasnost21 Projects module is designed to allows teams to easily work together, regardless of where they are physically and whether they are colleague, partner, supplier or client. It is extremely efficient in ensuring all participants always know exactly what has been going on with any of the projects they are working on.

With Projects ALL the team know exactly what is going on, and what to do.
My comments, documents and tasks are available to me wherever I am. And on my iphone.





Always at hand

It is very easy to see any new documents added to any project you are linked to. For every document you can define who sees them, move between projects if needed and define with multiple tags.

As you add documents you can email team members to keep them in the loop.


The heart of a project

All tasks can be assigned to one or more project members. You can define a task status or priority, track the time it takes to complete, group tasks together and easily add details to your calendar.

You can add any number of comments or documents.



Mine, All or Sent

Comments can be sent to any members of the team and can be accompanied by a document. By default you see comments linked to you but can also view 'all' or any you have 'sent'.

Once sent, any emailed replies are automatically added to the database.

Search & Reports

Documents, comments or Tasks

Particularly through the use of tags it is very easy to find documents through search. Likewise tasks can be searched by title, description, assignee, related company or status.

And as you can add custom fields to define a project you can also report on these as well.